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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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incredible survivallal story to tell. she stopped here to get juice for her baby and ended up fighting for her life. >> i jumped out like that. >> it's a miracle this mom is alive. this is surveillance video, captured minutes after a man captured her lexus us, -- lexus, while she was inside with her baby. >> he was like, i like you, i love you. he was like, i i don't have anybody, i'm going to kill off of us. >> reporter: the suspect captured terin alvin white, before he jumped in the car and sideswiped an suv. >> saw a vehicle flying down with doors open and everything. >> i was like, oh, my gosh,ese crazy. he's going to rain me and kill me in front of my son. >> reporter: the mom told how she jumped from this moving car on the lane of the capital beltway, clutching her 20-month- old son.
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>> depending how fast he would go, my arms would fall out and my baby would fall. but i didn't know what else to do. i hit my head and rolled. and i guess i stood up. >> reporter: white stopped the car, and police quickly arrested him. he faces kidnapping and assault charges. he even hit a state trooper along the route. >> all of the backup troopers did a phenomenal job. because this could have ended up so much more -- with more injuries. >> he was doing like 110 at a point. i was holding my baby the whole time. the whole time. i was so scared. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: now, that mom whose first name is alsia asked us not to reveal her last name. the trooper who was also sideswiped was injured in this. his injuries were relatively minor. he will be taken to the hospital and should be okay. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank thank you. it's so hard to believe that that all happened. well, white does have a criminal record. he was found guilty in 2009 of
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marijuana possession. and in march of this year, he was fined $160 fors andive speed -- for excessive speeding. we're following breaking news in north baltimore right now. >> hello, kai. we are north barkley and 28th street. this is in north baltimore. police were called to the scene here at about 20 minutes after 4:00. for an adult male shot in the upper torso. that person was transported to a local area hospital. there is no word on his condition. police are wrapping up the crime scene. they have barclay closed between 28th street and whitridge. as they continue their investigation. no word on suspects. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. captain mike perry, reporting live. a teenager hit by a car, leaving a carn ral, is now on life support. vic is in the newsroom with the sad news from the teen's family. >> the 17-year-old girl and her boyfriend were trying to leave when they were struck by a car. the couple had just left the
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early heights funeral. family members say karen mitty will be taken off-support, after doctors hrve harvest her organs, which will help save seven are other people. her boyfriend remains had wantized if shock trauma. >> detectives do not expect to file any charges against the driver. a judge declares a mistrial in the roger clemens perjury case. the decision comes after prosecutors showed jurors video of maryland congressman elijah cummings. that video was ruled inadmissible by the judge. >> reporter: roger clemens signed autographs for fans after leaving the federal courthouse in washington, d.c. the judge delivered a strike against the prosecution, declaring a mistrial in clemens' perjury case, after the government revealed evidence. the star pitcher is accused of
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lying during his 2008 testimony to congress, when he never said he used performance-enhancing drugs during his major league career. thursday, the government played a video clip of the hearings, where a congressman refers to conversation, former yankees teammate andy pettitte said he had with his wife. >> the judge had previously ruled that evidence off limits because it would presently the jury. prosecutors made a similar slip during opening statements. and the judge instructed the jury to disregard it. but this time, the judge decided the damage had already been done can threw out the case. >> reporter: clemens and his lawyers remain under a gag order. they have to wait until september to find out whether there will be a new trial and whether the former strikeout king will walk free. >> reporter: in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the judge set the next hearing for september 2nd. he's accused of performing hundreds of unnecessary surgical procedures.
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now, patients of dr. mark midei are reacting after the state yanks his medical license. they spoke about the decision by the maryland board of physicians. >> many of midei's patients are calling this vindication. and for their attorneys, filing civil lawsuits, it's more ammunition. >> reporter: this 88-page report from the maryland board of physicians blasts dr. mark midei for violations they called repeated, so severe they revoked dr. midei a medical license. >> that's what i was hoping for. yeah. he doesn't deserve to have his license. >> reporter: dr. vicky mar is one of the people who received this letter saying dr. midei may have unnecessarily given her a stent, a tiny block to open up blocked arteries. a charge midei has vehemently denied. >> what i did was something i would have done for myself, my
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family, my mother, my father. >> reporter: but they believe midei lied about how blocked they were. >> dr. midei said it was 90%. and after they reviewed everything, it was 10%. >> reporter: midei and his attorney declined to comment on this. >> it's justification. >> attorney j. miller says the board of physicians will help the 181 lawsuits his firm alone has already filed against midei and st. joseph's medical center. >> it's proof that everything i've said is true, that dr. midei was committing fraud, and putting stents in patients that didn't need them. >> reporter: vicky maur wants midei's punishment to be more than just financial. >> i'd like to see him to some jail time. >> reporter: the courts could begin hearing some of the hundreds of lawsuits against midei and others as early as
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this upcoming spring. meanwhile, judges are trying to figure out how they can hear dozens of cases at one time so they don't bog down the court system. derek vaourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. dr. midei has 30 tays to repeal the decision, to revoke his medical license. the board says he can try to reapply for his license in another two years. we couldn't ask for a better summer day. outside right now, it is sunny, dry, so pleasant out there. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk, updating the first warning weather forecast. we're going to start inside. with the air conditioner still on. but we really don't need it. here's bob. it's so pleasant out there. a lot of folks really enjoying this. change in the humidity and the lower temperatures. very comfortable now. at 82 degrees eight now. that's pretty much been our high for the day. only 72 in oakland. the dew point is down to 53 here. even lower in some other locations. in fact, to the west of us, oakland, only at 46 degree dew
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point. that's very, very dry air. elkton at 52. as long as it stays in the 40s and 50s, you're going to be very comfortable. by early next week, you watch these dew points get back up in the upper 60s. and it's going to feel pretty hot and humid again. but for the next couple of days, tim has a look at very fine weather headed our way. >> fine, indeed, right on through the weekend. looks like it's going to be pretty nice. these temperatures and conditions really hold up. for tomorrow, we have a very nice friday in place. the humidity stays low. any showers really are well to our south. we're talking down around the carolinas, and down farther south. the dry spell continues right on through sunday, as high pressure really dips from the great lakes on off into the bermuda position, which we know with that bermuda high, starts to allow warmer air to move in. and while we do warm up and the dew points go up, it stays pretty comfortable and dry, at least as far as the rain is concerned. >> all right, tim. thank you. the outlook is sunny for fans of phillips seafood.
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last month, the company announced it was closing its long-running restaurant at the inner harbor. turns out, phillips is just moving down the block. for 30 years, phillips has been serving up meals at the light street and inner harbor. when the family announced they were shutting down the restaurant in september, it stunned regulars. shocking to me. >> yeah, very sad. >> we have been around. everybody knows about them. >> reporter: but rumors instantly swirled in the old espn zone at the power plant. signage in the front window confirmed it today, along with a staged photo op, complete with crabs and phillips' landlord. >> we have had literally, dozens of people approach us to take this space. we wanted to do something special. when we were able to make this union with the phillips family, we knew it was an easy decision. >> reporter: phillips moved out of the inner harbor pavilion was apparently never about leaving baltimore. >> their vision for the inner harbor did not really coincide
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with the vision that i felt the inner harbor should have. i felt david has the right approach, right right vision for the city, and the development of the inner harbor as time goes forward. and i wanted to be on david's team. >> so two powerful maryland families have done just that, and a lot of other families hang in the embrace. >> we are talking about 300 jobs that are going to stay here as a result of this. so obviously, we're very proud of phillips, we love phillips crabs, but we also love jobs for maryland. >> and along with potential profit, a pledge. >> we're not going to cut and run. they're not going to cut and run. they're going to be here. >> reporter: just as soon as they leave here. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> phillips plans to open its new restaurant at the power plant later this fall. once again, ocean city's boardwalk is named one of the best in the country. national geographic just released its list of the top 10 boardwalks in the u.s. and ocean city ranks number 4. the o.c. boardwalk dates back to 1902.
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and according to the list, atlantic city, new jersey is home to the number 1 boardwalk in the nation. i'll take number 4. >> that works. absolutely. still ahead. documents stolen from the maryland historical society. tonight, more fbi searches and the surprising comments from an attorney in the case. the tourist killing here at the inner harbor on the fourth of july. a surprise at the accused bail review. hear what he says really happened here. i'm mike schuh, the story next. i'm ron matz. and it's called the nap alarm. it could be the answer to falling asleep at the wheel. meet the baltimore man who is selling it, coming up, here on wjz. calm and sunny weather out there. will it last through the weekend? we hope. bob will update the first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today, the fbi searched the manhattan apartment of barry landau. he is one of two suspects, locked up in the baltimore city detention center. accused of stealing important documents from the maryland historical society. his attorney told me today, we shouldn't rush to judgment. >> this is a character assassination. and he's looking forward to his day in court. >> reporter: high-powered attorney steve silverman says the fbi has no evidence against his client, 67-year-old barry landau, known to have the largest cliks of president -- collection of presidential inaugural memorabilia. he was arrested, after staff members accused him and 24-year- old jason stavedove, of stealing documents. >> i know no documents were found to be on my client's
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person, none upper found to be concealed, no documents were recovered out of his vehicle. >> savedove is said to have a key to the museum where the stolen documents were found. but police say the two were working there together. and reports now say they are under suspicion at the pennsylvania historical society in pennsylvania, where they visited more than a dozen time. >> reporter: it is unknown what the fbi found during a search of landau's apartment in new york. but his attorney is trying to get him home. >> he's being held without bail, along with double murders and rapists. >> he is a presidential historian. he has advised presidents and first ladies for decades on protocol. >> reporter: landau's facebook page is also full of tweets. >> reporter: a stb staff member tweeted a message alerting others to the arrested barry landau and posted his mug shot.
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>> if we held a trial today, based on that police report, a judge or a jury would find him not guilty in a new york second. >> reporter: the fbi also alerted other historical societies across the nation. and in light of what happened, the maryland historical society has changed its policy for viewing sensitive documents. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai, hi, everyone. it may be a while if you're traveling on the top side inner loop. delay now 45 minutes. bumper to bumper as well. that's on the west side inner loop, from baltimore international pike to liberty national road. and still heavy from 29 to marriottsville road. 15 minutes, that's northbound on the harrisburg expressway, from shawan to belfast. and 95, still slowing down there in the northbound direction from 216 to 175. as far as accidents go, perring parkway at putty hill in the
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parkville area. and also harford road at oak crest. let's now take a live look. you can see there's that delay on the harrisburg expressway, northbound at shawan road. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. come in and try the unforgettably delicious barbecued pulled pork sub. it's in an irresistible pulled pork sauce. if you've ever fallen asleep at the wheel, you know how dangerous and frightening it can be. in receipt months, it's -- recent months, it's even happened to some air traffic controllers. a baltimore man may have the answer to what seems to be a growing problem. >> here we go, joe. [ beep ] >> reporter: tony roman may have the answer to falling asleep at wheel. he's selling the nap alarm. >> hundreds of thousands of people a year get in car accidents. wind up dying. and this simple little product
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could wind up saving somebody's life. >> tony said he and his sister are marketing the products, after recent incidents of sleeping air traffic controllers. >> stwrieed -- tried to call on the line. >> for me, it's like such a simple product. now, inexpensive. look at this guy. he needs one on his head. he's going the other way. >> your head goes down. the alarm goes off. very simple. >> reporter: a simple, one size fits all answer to a problem what could affect just about anyone. >> for people going on long drives on vacations. driving late at night. airline pilots. air traffic controllerless. -- controllers, falling asleep. and you can't fall asleep. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> tony roman is from dundalk
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and says he's been in contact with triple a midatlantic to discuss the nap alarm. we have exciting news for a local actor. he already knows about it. but we're learning about it. baltimore native, josh charles, has earned an emmy nomination. that happened today. he's up for best supporting actor for his drama series, the good wife. this is his first nomination for the hit cbs show, which also received a nomination for best drama. >> it's amazing. we call him supporting actor, and he's such an integral part of that cast. >> he is. he's why i watch. [ laughter ] >> and his mom and dad are very proud of him, i'm sure. >> yes, they are. his whole family is here in baltimore. let's take a look at temps and conditions. 82. the dew points down to 53 degrees. come back and take a look at a beautiful friday as well right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just a gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon. in fact, i was talking to tim williams a moment ago. if it were 95 degrees, you
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still would have been uncomfortable. so dry. dew points in the upper 30s and low 50s. that's the nice dry air. and we've got a couple more days like this, really, really pleasant. take a look at temperatures around this date. very nice temperatures. in the low 80s. upper 70s. cool spot, out there in oakland. it's 72. ocean city, at a comfortable, cool 76. 84, elkton and d.c. the dew point is down again at 53. even lower to some spots to our north. upper 40s. that's really dry air. 82, rock hall. annapolis, kent island, columbia. westminster at 81 this morning. we had upper 50s and low 60s tonight. the same thing. open the windows later on. really comfortable sleeping. very light winds. but they have generally been out of the north and northeast. high pressure came from the great lakes. but this nice little canadian air with it. it will be with us for a couple of days. but by weekend, this beautiful air will start to return the
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flow down to the south and southwest. and that means for the most part, as that high moves off, a little more humidity coming back by sunday and monday, increasing temperature. maybe a shower or thundershower along with more humidity on tuesday. so next couple of days, enjoy. dry, low humidity. and very pleasant conditions. south winds on the bay, late in the day at 5 to 10 knots. sunrise, 5:53. bay temp, still 82 degrees. tonight, then, look for a clear, beautiful night, 60. maybe upper 60s in the city. mid-80s, sunny, nice. low humidity. heading down to ocean city. temperatures right near 80. so beautiful. it is a great weekend down there. a lot of sun screen, please. you really get burned there. 71 to 75. the water temperatures over the next several days, just really nice. >> perfect. well, wjz, masn and the baltimore o's are teaming up to feed the hungry. and we need your help, during
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this weekend's home stand. indians, take nonperishable foods. the wjz family will collect your donations right at the gates. friday, you can meet don, adam, ron and andrea. saturday, meet vic, kai, bob, mark, gigi, tim and pat. and sunday, you can meet denise, me, jess, stan, and mike hellgren. it is all part of our continuing community commitment. trying to time it with the movement. -- music. >> very close. still ahead at 5:00. a cheap solution to a travel crisis. the reason jet blue is offering $4 flights. killed on his way home from camp. now a confession in the murder of an 8-year-old boy. the suspect's bibizarre explanation to police. outrage in linthicum leads to action. i'm momeek grieg -- monique griego. coming up, why these will ,,,,,,
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it is just before 5:30, 82 degrees and sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. today, prosecutors dropped the most serious charge against a man accused of killing an inner harbor tourists. well, mary, these first- degree murder charges were dropped against marcus harris today. and once you hear his side of
5:30 pm
the story, you may understand why. wjz showed you some fights. marcus harris stabbed joe callo in the neck with a broken bottle. >> he was just doing what he always does. just standing up for his brother. >> charging documents refer to the fight that precipitated joe callo's death. actually, there were two fights that night, the second one involving five men, including callo. it's this one, which tumbles into the man, charged with calo's death, marcus harris. >> what people are forgetting is that it is the tourists, the visitors in this situation, who came and escalated the fight. >> margaret mead represents harris. harris's first-degree murder charge is thrown out. >> harris says he was bent over, talking to his 5-year-old
5:31 pm
son, when a group of men who were fighting including the victim got pushed into him. he was knocked over, fell onto his son, who hit him in the head. >> remember, mr. harris is there, with his three children and numerous nieces and nephews. he's not involved in the altercation. he gets knocked down and over onto his son who was injured. >> he saw a broken bottle, grabbed it and swung. he didn't know about broken injury or death. though the first charge is dropped, the judge denies harris's bail. >> i think it is absolutely because it is high profile. if any other circumstance or jurisdiction, he would have been given a bail. >> reporter: now, this second- degree murder charge is still serious business. and his attorney says she will ask for a bail review on this charge soon. >> all right, mike. thank you. until that bail, harris remains at central booking. we have new information about the car crash that claim the life of the baltimore city
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toddler. police identified the victim as 2-year-old janigha lud. police say an adult and a 7- month-old child were also hurt. the cause is under investigation. we're learning more tonight about how an 8-year-old brooklyn boy was abducted off the street and murdered. denise is in the newsroom with the shocking details the suspect told police. >> police say levi aaron confessed to luring lieby clet key to his home on monday afternoon. aaron was identified from this video, showing him talking to the lost child. the 34-year-old told police he took the child to a wedding and had the boy sleep at his house monday night. aaron said he planed to bring the boy home, but he panicked when he realized police were searching for the child. police say that is when he smothered the 8-year-old and dismembered him. aaron pleaded not guilty today to murder and kidnapping charges. >> aaron was ordered to undergo
5:33 pm
a psychological evaluation. former first lady betty ford is being laid to rest in her hometown of grand rapids, michigan. friends, faamly -- family and politicians from around the world have gathered to honor her. >> reporter: betty ford came home to grand rapids for the last time. people lined the street as her casket made its way to her second and final funeral. >> amazing grace ♪ how sweet ♪ >> reporter: representatives from several white house administrations came to mourn the former first lady. former president bill clinton escorted former first lady barbara bush. lynne cheney was a close friend from the time her husband was president ford's first chief of staff. >> betty ford had so much to give the world, so many contributions to make, so many lives she has changed for the better. >> reporter: mrs. ford is
5:34 pm
remembered for her fight with breast cancer. >> she became the face not of disease but of recovery. >> reporter: betty ford wanted her funeral to take place here at the same church where the fords were married 63 years ago. she is to be buried next to her husband next to her husband at the gerald ford museum, on what would have been his 98th birthday. >> they loved holding hands, lifting each other up. >> for me, the full circle is complete. seeing my mom and dad here together, you know, just at their home in grand rapids. >> reporter: two of ford's sons greeted the hundreds of people who filed past mrs. ford's casket, to honor the woman who touched so many. >> we know she was honored with fighting for breast cancer and alcoholism, but to us, she was just "mom." >> a mother and first lady, and an advocate for women, given a final farewell. >> reporter: in grand rapids, michigan, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and today's final service followed two days of public viewings. a guilty plea from the
5:35 pm
tugboat pilot, involved in last summer's deadly duck boat accident in philadelphia. today, prosecutors charged matt devlin with involuntary manslaughter. he faces between three to four years in prison, under the terms of the plea deal. prosecutors say devlin used his personal cell phone while he was operating the duck boat. and two people died in the crash. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, neither side is giving an inch, prompting a dire warning from the financial world. >> reporter: lawmakers are pointing fingers, blaming each other for the debt stalemate. >> republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the obama economy. and we won't let the white house fool around with the full faith and credit of the united states. >> this was never about debt for them. it's only been about protecting
5:36 pm
the wealthiest few, while middle class americans and our nation's seniors pay the price. >> reporter: they were called back thursday for a fourth straight day of talks. they're trying to cut a deal that would raise the debt ceiling and cut federal spending. democrats want to tie in some tax increases, but republicans are refusing to consider that. >> smiles didn't last at wednesday's meeting where tempers flared. a the -- at one point, president obama dedlaired enough is enough, and demanded both sides find a fix. >> the federal chairman warns it will be a self-inflicted wound if lawmakers don't come to an agreement soon. >> almost everywhere where people have pocketbook concerns, jobs, availability of interest, credit, payments, all of those things would be affected in relatively short order. >> reporter: with the august 2nd deadline looming, moody's rating service warns it is
5:37 pm
putting america's bond rating under review for a downgrading. if that happens, rates would go low. >> president obama wants to meet with lawmakerless every day until an agreement is reached. the sellers of borders book store will not have a happy end being am a buy -- ending. a buyout fell through. borders says it will have to close if another buyer doesn't step forward borders employs 11,000 people. people wake up to a suspected hate crime. police in silver springs say vandals slashed the tires of at least 20 residents and painted hate-related graffiti on two of the vehicles. road signs were also covered with swastikas and vulgarities. if the vandals are caught and convicted of the hate crime, they could face up to 10 years in prison.
5:38 pm
a severe beating. robberies and a lot of petty theft. some lint homeowner -- linthicum homeowners claim light rail has spiked their anger. >> reporter: when the light rail rolled into this lijts -- linthicum neighborhood. homeowners say it brought convenience and something else. >> our crime has kind of gone up. and shed break-ins and things like that. >> greg helms' shipley believes that has led to an increase in petty crimes in the neighborhood. more serious crimes have happened closer to the actual rail station. >> the station itself is a little secluded. it's down, out of sight. >> reporter: in 2007, a woman waiting at the nursery road stop was raped. then in february of this year, a 59-year-old man was severely beaten. while neighbors say petty crime is up, anne arundel police show burglaries in the area, january
5:39 pm
to may, were down nearly 19%, compared to 2010. auto thefts also decrease by 5%. still, in response to light rail concerns, today, anne arundel county leaders did take some action. county executive john leopold had utility crews install two new streetlights on shipley and upgraded several others. >> it's been proven that enhanced lighting reduces the incidents of crime. >> for now, it will increase, you know, help security, make the residents feel a little more at ease. >> reporter: but other neighbors say they won't stop until the rail is gone for good. and county leaders say they've installed around 2,000 lights in high crime areas, but they haven't done any studies to determine whether the lights have actually decreased crime. kai? >> thank you, monique. anne arundel county police say they increase patrols and bike patrols after february's attacks. time now for a look at some of the stories you'll find in
5:40 pm
the baltimore sun. more on phillips seafood plan to move into the former espn zone space at the power plant. full coverage continues for the o's as they continue for the second of their season. and a guide to the art scape. remember to look for this from the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated first warning weather from our weather team. another attack on a new york city landmark. what happened to the ed sullivan theater overnight? a deadly day care fire. today, the owner back in court. the important decision from the judge. bob turk in the first warning weather center. a nice end to the week. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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that's what you do for a beautiful summer afternoon. actually cooler on the water.
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air temperature today. like 82. another gorgeous day. beautiful night. upper 50s to low 60s. upper 70s to mid-80s by afternoon. tim has a look at our next five days. tim? >> it's going to be gorgeous. the only thing we can expect are the temperatures and dew points will go up slightly heading into next week. let's talk about the weekend. we're looking at 86 degrees on saturday. 87 sunday. 92 monday. and 92 tuesday. lows are comfortable now in the 60s but they'll eventually get into the low 70s. for your energy saver tip of the day, we're talking about sliding glass doors. if your home has a sliding glass door, you'll want to keep the track clean. keeping it dirty can prevent a seal, which will allow warm air to get in in the 1u78er and cold air to escape. for more information, go to
5:45 pm, scroll to the right side of the page. a judge ordered a day care owner to face four separate murder charges jessica tata pled not guilty today to four counts of felony murder. prosecutors say the 23-year-old left seven children alone at her home base day care. a pot of oil on the stove caught fire. three others were hurt. the owners and editors behind the now defumpghtd news of the world agreed to explain themselves. and could the scandal be spreading to the u.s.? tina kraus reports for wjz from london. >> reporter: rupert and james murdoch say they will let british lawmakers grill them about the phone hacking scandal. the british media mogul and his son first refused to testify. but then parliament slapped charges on them. >> the parliamentary panel is digging into allegations.
5:46 pm
reporters hacked the phone of murder and terror victims. they've already interrogated senior police officers, accuse of taking money from journalists, sniffing for stories. >> british police are still making arrests in the hacking scandal. the latest suspect is a former editor for news of the world. >> the newscorps scandal is now showing signs in america. showing whether they bribed officials. lawmakers aspect also want to know if others may have had their phones hacked, too. >> there's really no reason to believe, given what's going on in britain and how this is mushrooming, that there aren't going to be similar episodes here. >> murdoch is known as the dirty digger in the uk. now, the media billionaire is trying to dig himself out of the scandal that is front page news. in london, tina kraus, wjz
5:47 pm
eyewitness news. >> it is unclear if rupert murdoch could have been forced to appear since he is an american citizen. for the second time this year, he is vandalized. he tells police he was angry because letterman didn't respond to demo tapes he sent. sunday, a 22-year-old was accused of trashing the theater in a drunken rage. calling it carmageddon. a large stretch of the 405 near los angeles will shut down this weekend, as part of a major reconstruction project. traffic could be backed up as much as 64 miles. jet blue offered $4 and $5 flights which sold out in just three hours. just in the nick of time.
5:48 pm
the discovery son was cruising in the area. it turned out it was people who had been on a boat that sank. the two women and four men were not wearing life vests. several were treated for minor burns. check in for these stories and more on eyewitness news at 6:00. a boyfriend and girlfriend struck. new at 6:00. reaction from heartbroken family and friends. free at last. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news. baltimore city councilwoman, helen holton talks about her three-year ordeal and her final declaration of innocence. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. sports director mark viviano, live at orioles park. >> yeah, the indians are in
5:49 pm
town. but the orioles are without their chief. manager showalter, suspended. and a couple of major league pitchers are facing suspensions as well. i'll have the ,,,,,,,,
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the orioles are home and hoping for a fresh start, after the all-star break. sports director mark viviano joins us live from camden yards. 10 games on this home stand for the o's. but it all begins with a setback. i'm talking about suspension. orioles manager buck showalter has been suspended for tonight's game. he gets a one-game penalty. relief pitcher each also get suspensions of 4-3 games respectively. now, all of this stems from a contentious weekend in boston that included a benches- clearing brawl, ignited when greg and ortiz went after each other friday night. ortiz and greg both suspended for four games. now, gonzalez was ejected after both teams had been warned. showalter's suspension stems from that, too.
5:53 pm
both are appealing the suspensions handed down today by major league baseball. >> i played the game. i pitched and got them out. >> so words were exchanged. >> they're hidden. and you're going to get frustrated as a pitcher. it's kind of a family thing. and they were getting hit. and anyone is going to get pretty mad about it. >> they begin the second half of the season on a seven-game losing streak. they've lost 21 of their last 27. jeremy guthrie will pitch tonight. more on the orioles coming up next hour. plus the latest on the nfl lockout negotiation. opening round play in van's british open. that's all ahead in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, maintaining your overall health may prevent dementia. a new neurology study finds
5:54 pm
that arthritis condition, stomach problems and eye and ear trouble could increase risks. canadian researchers say that rather than just paying attention to known risk factors, keeping up with your general health can help as well. also in healthwatch, the fda releases some new warnings about silicone breast implants. the warning includes a number of complications patients could face. andrea fujii has more warning from doctors and patients. >> reporter: research from the food and drug administration shows one in five women with silicone breast implants will need to have them removed within 10 years after surgery. dr. michael cohen of the cosmetic surgery center of maryland, says women shouldn't panic. >> that actually leaves 80% of women in that study, being perfectly happy. >> reporter: the fda says complications include hardening of the area around the implant.
5:55 pm
rupture or asymmetry. but the data does not indicate they cause cancer. feliz toular got silicone implants last year and knows she may have to replace them at some point. >> as personal as it is, it's just one of those things that you debate and you weigh the risk. >> even though it's not intended to be lifetime, i think we can say with pretty much certainty that they should last for a very, very long time. >> for feliz, the benefits outweigh any risks. >> but have had no complications and have been very happy. >> reporter: so what should women with silicone breast implants do? the fda recommends getting routine mris to detect any silent ruptures. and if they feel any complication, see a doctor. in towson, i'm andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the fda recommends that women with silicone gel-filled breast implants pay attention to any changes. and as andrea said, follow up with their doctor. still ahead on eyewitness
5:56 pm
news tonight. wild ride. i'm mike hellgren, in west baltimore, on edmondson avenue, where a woman was carjacked with her baby in the car. i'll tell you how she escaped and who ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
life and death decision. a mother holding her baby jumps from the moving car tonight. she talks about the ordeal. >> the fourth of july murder.
5:59 pm
why prosecutors drop the most serious charge against a man accused of killing a tourist at the inner harbor. fouled out. why a judge declares a mistrial in the case and what it had to do with the maryland congressman. delightful thursday evening. stick around for the updated forecast. >> stick around for wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. harrowing ordeal. a woman and her baby, carjacked in west baltimore, but that the just the beginning. >> tonight, why she decided to jump from a moving car with her son in her arms. >> reporter: hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> she says it was a do-or-die decision,


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